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Youth Class

The process of learning karate has some amazing benefits for children.  Children who learn karate develop a confidence based on substance and also acquire a level of mental resilience that will see them able to cope with any challenges they may encounter throughout their lives.

Many aspects of karate encompass the study of opposing forces or concepts that combine to create balance and harmony.  Children learn pride with humility, self-esteem with empathy, focus with situational awareness, and leadership with respect for others. 

Dojo etiquette enforces good behaviour and self discipline, while the study of karate promotes excellence in all things.  Karate can be practiced anywhere, without equipment, and alone or in a group.  Karate offers a complete body workout resulting in improved balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, strength, speed and stamina.

In a time of growing obesity and health issues associated with a lack of physical exercise, karate develops positive skills and habits that will serve your child well throughout their lives.
Thursday Family / Beginners

The study of karate is about helping you to be a little better tomorrow than you are today. Whatever your age or current physical condition, the first step on your road to improvement is simply beginning.  People can always find reasons to avoid starting to exercise.  Your fist lesson in karate is to find the one reason that will allow you to start.

Our family and beginners class is open to all grades and all ages from 6 years and up.  You are never to old to start or practice karate.  This class focuses on core skills development and is suited to those who wish to improve their overall health and fitness with the added benefit of learning a traditional style of karate and an effective form of self-defense.

This class is designed to allow you to ease into the your training slowly and safely. You do not need to be fit nor do you need to have any previous karate experience. We will assist you to progress at your own pace in a supportive and non-threatening environment.

In this class, students are only introduced to sparring (controlled practice fighting) when we believe they as an individual are ready, and if the student expresses a desire to spar.
Tuesday Green Belt and above

Our Senior class includes students with Green Belts and above.  In this class students are focused on perfecting their techniques, sparring and weapons.

Students are split during the class with a greater emphasis on the development of advanced self-defense and sparring skills. 

Sparring gives interested students the opportunity to test their skills in a controlled, safe and supervised environment.  The goal of sparring remains skill development.  To this end, sparring matches are controlled with the senior student allowing their junior to try new techniques and strategies without the fear of getting hurt.

To spar effectively, a student must have spent sufficient time developing basic skills and practicing kata (set patterns of movement and techniques).  The importance of kata cannot be stressed enough.  In fact the masters from Okinawa who were responsible for creating modern karate, never actually had their students practice sparring.  Yet when those Okinawan students competed against Japanese students who had practiced sparring, the Okinawans held their own.