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29/06/2019 - The Wellington Trianing and grading was a great success for all those who graded and was a insightful trip for those who traveled up to Wellington. All those who graded passed which was a great success and we currently have a new 2nd Kyu.

09/03/2019 - The 2019 Hanmer Karate Camp was attended by karate ka from around New Zealand and Australia.  We had a great number of students Testing and it was nice to see several achieve their Green Belts after years of consistent training.  Click for more.

12/01/2019 - The Winter Testing was great success with three of our students travelling to the United States to grade in the Bamboo Dojo. All three passed their grading and we now have two new Shodan's. Click for more

23/09/2018 - We had a very successful grading with everyone passing. We had a great time with the zorb balls after a general training with the hall completely packed. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and a great time. Click for more

03/06/2018 - We had a catch up grading session for people that missed out in Hanmer springs when we had testing at camp. We had six people grading and all six passed.

05/03/2018 - Last weekend we had the annual Australasian Summer Camp in Hanmer Springs.  As usual many guests from over seas joined us for a weekend of training and this year we also has the ninja obstacle course and throwing stars. Click for more

16/10/2017 - on Sun, 15 October 2017 we had a Test for several students at the Burnside High Dojo.   Congratulations to all those who passed their tests.

25/09/2017 - on the 24th of September we had our Grading and Karate Party at the Westburn Dojo.  Many passed their Tests and all had a great time of training, Fun and Dinner.  Click for more

19/07/2017 - Summer Camp is almost here!!!!  Friday 27th July camp opens with a training session including everyone then over the three days they split up into different groups for weapons, kata and discussing moves. Summer camp normally involves most of the karateka from USA and even some from around the globe.

19/07/2017 - We would like to congradulate Sebastian Enoka who successfully passed his 7th Kyu Yellow belt grading on the 4th of July with flying colors. Also there was never any doubt that Sebastian wouldn't pass as he has been ready for quite some time. 

20/04/2017 - Hanmer Camp had a change of venue for training to Culverden - a great location and a great environment.  Having Frazer Sensei and our American guests visit added a little something extra to camp and a good time was had by all.  Congratulations to all those who tested and a big thanks to everyone who helped to make this event possible and such a success.  For more details click here.

22/03/17 - Hanmer Camp is almost here!!!!  Friday 7th April there is a Black Belt training and Grading in Christchurch.  Friday evening we head to Hanmer Springs and the start our Hanmer Camp (in Culverden now) on Saturday, wrapping up on Sunday.  Special guests from America will be arriving in Christchurch on Tuesday 4 April 2017.  The on Thursday evening there will be a special Black Belt dinner and on the Sunday after Camp there is another special dinner for all members.  For further information contact Ray on 029 238 5999.

21/01/17 - Congratulations to Niko Tainui for earning his Shodan (First Degree Black Belt).  It has been a long and often hard road to achieve something very few people can say the have done - Kia Kaha Niko san.

20/11/16 - Grading

A great day for Tim Heron earning his 8th Kyu Tab for his Yellow belt.  Also yet another batch of new Yellow Belts - well done to Milly Gray, Zara Gray, Bella Hopkins, Shylah Bateman and Levi Enoka.  Thank you to Jean Cheye for coming down to help out.  For more Click here.

30/10/16 - Grading

Congratulations to our latest Yellow Belts - Taylor Delaney, Angelo Avram, 
Chris Boyd, Joseph Ke, Jake Locop and Caleb Bergstrom.  Thanks to Cam Scott for helping to put the adult students through an old school spirit test.  Well done Jake and Caleb.  For more Click here.

03/09/16 - Grading and Karate Party

The Grading today was a success for all who Tested.  Those Testing appointed themselves well and should be proud of both their efforts and their results.  Following the Grading we had a group training and awards ceremony.  Afterwards there were a variety of games and the bubble soccer was an astounding favourite.  The evening was rounded off with dinner.  Thanks to all those who made the day such a great success and to all those who attended.  For more Click here.

01/09/16 - Grading and Karate Party this Saturday

This Saturday we are having a grading for those invited to Test, a combined training for all Christchurch Yoshukai Karateka, games for students and family and a take-a-away dinner.  Good luck to all those testing - Osu

16/06/16 - Burnside High Classes started

This Thursday (5:40 pm to 7:00 pm) and Friday (3:00 pm to 4:00 pm) marks the start of new classes at Burnside High School.  These classes are free to Burnside High Beginner Students.

08/04/16 - Grading

This Wednesday we held a Grading for students unable to attend Hanmer Camp last week.  Congratulations to the following:

James Li, graded to 7th Kyu
Sebastian Enoka, graded to 8th Kyu
Jaden Hu, graded to 8th Kyu
Roman Stevens, graded to 9th Kyu
Elijah Stevens, graded to 9th Kyu
Jesse Wan, graded to 9th Kyu
Derrick Wong, graded to 9th Kyu
Andrew Lin, graded to 9th Kyu

Well done everyone who Tested and thank you to those who helped with the Tests.

25/03/16 - 2016 Australasian Summer Camp

Last weekend was the Australasian Summer Camp in Hanmer Springs New Zealand.  Dave Leathwick received his Shihan Certificate and the Children's competition was won by Ben Bradley.  Many people Graded and a good time was had by all.  Click here for more details. 

16/03/16 - Gradings are this weekend

After many weeks of hard work and perseverance by the children, Gradings are this weekend. With almost 20 Tests to complete, the Testing Staff will be as exhausted as the students by the end of the weekend.  Good luck to all those Testing this weekend and a reminder that there will be another Grading in Christchurch in a few weeks for those that could not make it to Hanmer Springs.

Thanks to all the parents who help their children learn their Dojo Rules and for getting them to class each week.  


07/02/16 - Gradings are coming

This weeks return to karate at Westburn School may have been a shock to the system for a few students, as we began our journey towards Grading Tests in earnest, with a very physical training.

The break over the holidays means we have a little work to do on fitness and conditioning.  It was nice to see that the standard of kata has not diminished too much at all since the end of last year.

3rd Kyu Brown Belts will be expected to show a marked improvement in sparring skills and to this end all 3rd Kyu Brown Belts are invited to the Tuesday night Adults Class.

Grading is by invitation so make sure you know what you need to know and that you are up to the standard required.  A Grading date will be set later in the term.

Check out our "Events" page for the upcoming Australasian Summer Camp near the end of the term.  We may allow those ready to be Graded to Test at Camp.

Osu - Ray 

2014 - Grading Results

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