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Osu Mr Copeland

As discussed we do not use these very often.  They were intended as a draw card for a new class concept however the new class has now transitioned to a regular karate class.

We have used them as a reward if the children can follow precise instructions.  Before they are allowed to use these, they must first learn some Filipino Stick (one handed).  We break our teaching down to one count step in and deliver the first strike, then reset.  As they become proficient at this part, we then add the second part as a 2 count and so on until we are able to do the first Filipino Stick set (Number One) to a 1 count.  One they have mastered this one handed, we adapt the grip to two handed, still using a stick or a Jo.  If they are disciplined and serious with their training we then let them have a go with the Light Sabre as below.  

The routine Niko and Cole use below is the material Joe taught us last time, using Number One, Bridge, Number Two etc.  There are only a few slight adaptations we had to make to make this work as a two handed drill.

Hope this helps and sorry for the delay.  Osu - Ray