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Hanmer Camp 2017

Hanmer Camp 2017 was another record breaker with over 55 people training, over 80 people for Saturday night dinner and with 26 people passing their grading test.  

A special highlight for us all was the attendance of Frazer Sensei and the following 4 American guests for which we are all thankful:  

- Michael McClernan 8th Dan, President of and Kyoshi in Yoshukai Karate, 2nd Dan in Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shin Ko Kai 
- William T. Moore III 7th Dan, Board Member and Kyoshi in Yoshukai Karate
- Lee Norris, 7th Dan, Kyoshi in Jiki Shin Ryu Karate. 6th Dan, Renshi in Yoshukai Karate and 5th Dan in Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shin Ko Kai.
Christina McClernan 6th Dan, Board Member Renshi in Yoshukai Karate and 2nd Dan in Ryu Kyu Kobudo Hozon Shin Ko Kai

Thanks to all those who traveled from near and far to be with us.  Thanks to all the Black Belts and junior belts who helped with the Testing.  Congratulations to the following who Tested to their new Yoshukai Karate ranks at the Australasian Summer Camp:

Max Germanous (Shodan)
Ben Bradley (4th kyu Green belt)
Lewis McLauchlan (5th kyu Green belt)
Edison Chow (5th kyu Green belt)
James Anderson (6th kyu Green belt)
Harrison Hadlee-Watts (6th kyu Green belt)
Kaitlyn Ingham (6th kyu Green belt)
Tim Heron (7th kyu Yellow belt)
Jaden Hu (7th kyu Yellow belt)
Dominic McLauchlan (7th kyu Yellow belt)
Adam Gopperth (7th kyu Yellow belt)
William Watts (7th kyu Yellow belt)
Theo Bradley (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Archie Grant (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Evie Tuck (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Elijah Stevens (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Derreck Wong (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Thomas Watts (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Roman Stevens (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Linus Ling (8th kyu Yellow Belt)
Jonathon McKinnon (8th kyu Yellow belt)
Sammy Hu (9th kyu Yellow belt)
Charlie Delaney (9th kyu Yellow belt)
Nash Moir (9th kyu Yellow belt)
Mai Te Rangi Kotuku-McGregor (9th kyu Yellow belt)

Thanks to everyone who attended and the parents who made it possible for their children to attend. Thanks also to all the parents and adults who helped out in one way or another and especially to Sonya Tainui, Rachael Johnston, Karen Bradley, Belinda Grant, Adrian Bradley,   Jodie Hadlee-Watts and Josh Johnston.  Without your ongoing support we could not continue to deliver such events. 
Competition Results

Overall winner:
Angelo Avram

Dojo Rules:
Evie Tuck

Taiho Jitsu 1-5:
James Anderson

James Anderson

Wall Sit:
Taylor Delaney

Angelo Avram

27 Movements:
Isabella Hadlee-Watts

Zen Shin Ko Tai:
Archie Grant

Kiotsuke, Yoi, Yame:
Harrison Hadlee-Watts

Zenkutsa Dachi:
Jaden Hu

Front Kick:
James Anderson