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Hanmer Camp 2016

This years Summer Karate Camp was a blast.  The adults had a quad blow-out cardio session with Frazer Sensei on Friday.  Record numbers of children arrived on Saturday for training, the children's competition (10th kyu to 4th kyu) and Grading Tests.  Children visited the thermal hot pools after the Grading and then headed back to the lodge for an afternoon of off-road karting.  Most of the adults also made it to the thermal hot pools after training to soak away their aches and pains.  After a wonderful home cooked dinner (roast lamb and roast chicken), the awards and presentations were held on Saturday night.  On Sunday we had the Brown Belt Tests and closed Camp.

Congratulations to Dave Leathwick who received his Shihan Certificate.

Congratulations to the following who Tested to their new Yoshukai Karate ranks at the Australasian Summer Camp:

Thomas Anderson (1st Kyu Brown Belt)
Niko Tainui (1st Kyu Brown Belt)
Cole Tainui (1st Kyu Brown Belt)
Guthren Love (3rd Kyu Brown Belt)
Ben Bradley (5th Kyu Green Belt)
Lewis McLauchlan (6th Kyu Green Belt)
Thomas Bourdin (6th Kyu Green Belt)
James Anderson (7th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Harrison Hadlee-Watts (7th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Dominic McLauchlan (8th Kyu Yellow Belt)
William Watts (8th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Adam Gopperth (8th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Thomas Watts (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Linus Ling (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Theo Bradley (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Evie Tuck (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Archie Grant (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Jono McKinnan (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)
Bishun Ilin (9th Kyu Yellow Belt)

I would like to thank Frazer Sensei and Jeff Constable for making the trip from Australia and Dave Leathwick for attending camp even though he had only just returned to New Zealand from abroad.

Thanks to all of the karateka from around New Zealand who came to Camp and helped out with the children's competition, the Grading Tests and teaching the various elements of the Camp.

Thanks also to all the parents for bringing children to camp and looking after them.  A very special thanks to Sonya, Adrian, Rachel and Belinda who made an extraordinary effort in the kitchen and helping out with the children's activities.
Competition Results

Overall winner:
Ben Bradley

Dojo Rules:
James Anderson

Taiho Jitsu 1-5:
Harrison Hadlee-Watts

Linus Ling

Wall Sit:
Ben Bradley

Linus Ling

27 Movements:
Ben Bradley

Zen Shin Ko Tai:
Ben Bradley

Kiotsuke, Yoi, Yame:
Ben Bradley

Zenkutsa Dachi:
James Anderson

Front Kick:
Ben Bradley