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Yoshukai Karate Australasian Camp – Hanmer Springs, New Zealand, 2015

On 27th March 2015, the Yoshukai Karate Australasian Camp was held in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand. The Camp was a great success with visitors from Australia and Malaysia. Thanks to all those who travelled both nationally and internationally to join in the Camp.

The weather was great which meant those Testing were afforded the privilege of doing press-ups on knuckles in the gravel without getting wet, as well as the usual forms of cruel and unusual punishment.

Congratulations to Jean Chye who successfully Tested for her Shodan and Thomas Anderson who successfully Tested for his 3rd Kyu Brown Belt. Both karate ka showed true Yoshukai Spirit in their Tests. Below are some Photos from the Test. Niko and Cole Tainui were lucky enough to join in the fun even though they weren't Testing.

This year saw a growing contingent of children attend who trained hard as well as spending some time in the Thermal Pools and having fun in off-road buggies. We also held a childrens Kyu Grade competition with 10 activities. Dojo Rules, Taiho Jitsu 1-5, Longest Plank (5 minutes), Longest Wall Sit (3 mins), Press-ups in 60 seconds (35), Best 27 Movements, Best Zen Shin Ko Tai, Best Kiotsuke, Yoi, Yame, Best Zenkutsu Dachi and Best Front Kick. Congratulations to Thomas Anderson for the overall winners prize and to all those who won each event. But mostly congratulations to everyone who entered and for trying your best. Remember the only adversary who can truly defeat us is ourselves.