While karate is an individual pursuit, it is undertaken in a team environment. Karate can be practiced with others or while alone and you do not need any equipment to do so.  Karate is a sport where you gain more from competing against yourself than you do from competing against others.  Karate will strengthen your body and your mind.

Self-defense and the ability to fight are a consequence of a much larger training system.  In fact when learning a martial art was still a matter of life and death, teaching systems did not include free-style sparring as part of their teaching process.  The ability to fight and defend against attack was a consequence of a training system that developed the entire person, not just their ability to fight.

It wasn't until the 1950's?? that free-style sparring was incorporated into teaching karate.  While sparring (practice fighting) has undeniable benefits for being able to fight, 90 percent of the benefits of learning karate can be achieved without practice fighting.

Taking part in sparring is not necessary to gaining the many benefits karate has to offer.  In fact it would be a shame to miss out on the many benefits of karate because you are not interested in sparring or you do not wish to spar. 


Why study karate if you do not want to learn how to fight?

When the foundations of karate left the shadows in Okinawa, and were introduced to the wider population and to mainstream Japan, the resulting art form was more focused on the overall health and well-being of its practitioners.  The ability to fight and defend oneself was only a very small aspect of karate and was achieved through a process of instruction that had been refined over hundreds of years (and that did not involve practice fighting).

Traditional karate utilised the performance of kata (set patterns of movement and techniques) to develop the mind and body of its practitioners, while instilling the knowledge required to defend oneself when needed.  Free-style sparring was only developed and introduced to modern karate in the 1950's, well after the original art form was no longer needed in life and death situations.

The benefits of karate are numerous and can be likened to taking a multi-vitamen and a time management course.  The single activity of taking a karate class will improve fitness and flexibility, improve your ability to concentrate and focus, relieve negative stress, give you a better nights sleep and more energy through the day.  As karate works your mind and body, the effects of aging are prolonged.

As we do all of these things in one class, as far as time management goes, karate is an excellent way to do all the things you know you should be doing to live a long and healthy life, but run out of time to do each day.

Our focus is on developing a students mind, body and character.  A strong body with a weak mind is still weak.  A strong body and a strong mind must be guided by a sense of honor and integrity.  Developing good character and mental toughness are just as important as developing strength and self defense capabilities.


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