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Benefits of learning Yoshukai Karate...

Yoshukai means "The training hall of continuing improvement and development."  The single most important thing I would like you to know about Yoshukai Karate is that we teach you to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life.  We help you to be a little better tomorrow than you were today.

Taking a Yoshukai Karate class is like taking a Multi-Vitamin - there is so much that is good for you packed into a single activity.  Improved health and well being, increased mental and physical dexterity, effective self-defense, improved fitness and flexibility.

Yoshukai Karate is both a team sport and an individual sport.  While our goals are individual goals and our progress is individual progress, we train in a team environment.  We work hard, having fun and helping each other to achieve our  individual goals.  No matter how high our rank, we are all students with something to offer and something to learn.
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