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Karate Party Bow In

Thank You All

Thanks to all those who helped make the Karate Party and Grading a special day for all.  Those testing appointed themselves well at a 2 hour Grading before the group training began.  

Thanks to Darrel Hall, (Yondan), Niko Tainui, (Shodan), Thomas Anderson, (Shodan), Cole Tainui, (Shodan) and all of the green belts for helping with the Testing and the training.

Much of the day was controlled by our senior ranks  Niko Tainui (Shodan), Thomas Anderson (Shodan) , Cole Tainui (Shodan), James Anderson (4th kyu) and Harrison Hadlee-Watts (4th Kyu)  who also deserve our thanks.

A special thanks to all the parents who helped ensure the day was a success.  Without help in the kitchen, setting up, packing up, picking things up and general organisation we could not run this event.

Thanks also to all the parents for bringing children to classes and to the Karate Party.

Grading and Karate Party 2019
(More photos below)
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Grading Photo

Grading Results