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Hanmer Camp Bow In

Thank You All

This years Camp was a little smaller than last year and the rain put a dampener on our outdoor activities, but overall it was a great Camp and I would like to send my thanks and appreciation to all those who helped make Camp a success.

This year we again started senior camp on Friday with a day of kata and we were fortunate to be able to FaceTime with the United States. Saturday we were joined by all ranks for Grading Tests and the Karate Competition.  

Thanks again to Frazer Sensei (6th Dan) and all the senior ranks for attending and making the Camp such a success.

On behalf of the children, thanks to Niko Tainui (Shodan), Thomas Anderson (Shodan), Cole Tainui (Shodan), Edison Chow (3rd Kyu), Lewis McLauchlan (3rd Kyu), James Anderson (4th Kyu) and Harrison Hadlee-Watts (4th Kyu)  for helping with the children's Testing and Competition.

Once again, a special thanks to all the parents who helped ensure the day was a success.  Without help in the kitchen, setting up, packing up, picking things up and general organisation we could not run this event.

Thanks also to all the parents for bringing children to classes and to the Karate Camp.

2019 Australasian Camp and Grading
(More photos below)
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Grading Photo

Competition Results
Coming Soon!

Overall winner:

Dojo Rules:
Zeb Meyer-Cooke

Taiho Jitsu 1-5:


Wall Sit:


27 Movements:

Zen Shin Ko Tai:
David Song

Kiotsuke, Yoi, Yame:
David Song

Zenkutsa Dachi:

Front Kick:

Belt Game:

Ground Wrestling: