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Grading and Karate Party 2016

The day started for those Testing at 12:30 pm for a 2 hour Grading.  This was followed by a combined training and awards.  Then came the games where family joined in and finally dinner at 5:30 pm.  

I would like to thank Sonya and all the parents who helped make the day a success.  Thanks also to Cameron Scott, Shodan for helping with the Testing and the the training.  Much of the day was controlled by our three 1st Kyu Brown Belts (Thomas Anderson, Cole Tainui and Niko Tainui), Ben Bradley (5th Kyu) and Lewis McLauchlan (6th Kyu) who also deserve our thanks.

Those Testing appointed themselves well and I congratulate you all.

Thanks also to all the parents for bringing children to classes and to the Karate Party.
Grading Results

6th Kyu
Cameron Giddens
Edison Chow

7th Kyu
Kaitlyn Ingram

8th Kyu
Phoebe Thompson

9th Kyu
William Lane
Solomon Hawes
Dylan Jackson
Benny Eddie
Isabella Hadlee-Watts
Jack Dunn
Aadarsh Roy
Luke Strydom
Brodie Franks
Jayden White
Pamoana Kotoko-McGregor
SJ Britz
Timothy Heron
Kira Fox
Toby Tinkler